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May the Holy Spirit continue to guide you this day. 

Our Savior is a place to belong, where Christians come together to share their lives with one another.  Here you will find more than just a small, warm, friendly congregation. You will find a new friend, or perhaps strengthen your relationship with an old one.

It is our sincere wish to meet your needs as we reach out to people in our community with the hope and good news of Jesus Christ. He is the One we turn to for all things in life. He sacraficed His life for us and promises to always be with us.  

Here at Our Savior, a Missouri Synod Lutheran congregation,  He is visibly working through His grace and forgiveness.

There are many reasons that may have led you to seek out this website. Whatever the reason, we hope that you will be moved to worship with us and become a part of our growing family.

For in this place you will hear Jesus say, "I love you and you are forgiven!"

Pastor Block

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