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MO Scholars Program:

In 2021, the Missouri Legislature created a scholarship program that can help families by providing up to $6,375 for each student.  These scholarships are good for each year of a student’s education, renewing automatically as long as the student stays enrolled in a qualified school like OSCA!  There are a number of requirements, so families should seek more information to help determine their eligibility, but the basics include the following.

Residency:  Your family must reside in Clay County OR have a KCMO address.

IEP or ISP:  If your child had an IEP or ISP in the past three years and you meet the residency requirements, then you qualify.

Income:  If you meet the residency requirements, but your child did not have an IEP or ISP, you can still qualify if your family meets the income requirements AND your child attended public school for at least one semester last year OR they are a current Kindergartener or First Grader at OSCA.  These amounts reflect your family adjusted gross income which can be found in box 9 of your most recent Federal 1040 form.

Household Size:

Maximum Income:













If you think you might meet these criteria, then OSCA encourages you to apply for the scholarship through the Herzog Foundation or the Missouri District of the LCMS.  More information and the online applications can be found by following the links:

Herzog -

Missouri District of the LCMS -

If you have questions, you can contact Herzog Tomorrow Foundation Scholarship Coordinator Josh Hurlburt at (816)520-7242 or