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Operation of a motor vehicle on school property is a privilege granted by the Academy Board. It is not a right guaranteed to each student. This privilege can be suspended and/or revoked at any time based on the judgment of the school administrators. Your vehicle must be registered at the OSCA office.

Student’s desiring to park on campus will need to purchase a $15.00 parking permit. The permit must be displayed on the rearview mirror. Students are issued one tag and this tag can be transferred to multiple vehicles driven on campus. Tags are not the property of the student but are proof of registration. Parking passes are not sold on a per term basis and are not refundable.

Listed below are the rules that must be followed:

  1. 1)  Student vehicles will only be permitted to park on school grounds when a permit is clearly visible hanging on the rearview mirror of the vehicle.

  2. 2)  All vehicles should be locked while parked on campus.

  3. 3)  Students are to cooperate fully with administrators, teachers and the parking lot supervisor in complying with these rules.

  4. 4)  The student parking regulations are to be adhered to at all times, including weekends and evening school sponsored events.

  5. 5)  Driving from the school grounds during class hours, breaks, or lunch is not permitted unless permission is obtained from the office.

  6. 6)  Speeding or careless driving on the school grounds will result in revoking of driving privilege. Vehicles should not exceed 10 miles per hour on school property.

  7. 7)  Pedestrians and buses have the right-of-way and all vehicles are expected to yield.

  8. 8)  The school district may inspect the interiors of student automobiles whenever a school official has reasonable suspicion to believe illegal, unauthorized or inappropriate materials are contained inside.

  9. 9)  Vehicles are subject to tow at owner’s expense for violations or abuse of driving privileges on school grounds. 

  10. 10) Our Savior Christian Academy does not provide insurance for theft, damage or loss of a student’s possessions or vehicle.

My electronic signature acknowledges that I have read the Student Vehicle and Parking Regulations document and agree to abide by the regulations stated. I understand that any violation of the rules and regulations will result in the suspension and/or revocation of driving privileges on school property. I understand that POOR ATTENDANCE and LATE ARRIVAL to school will JEOPARDIZE MY DRIVING OPPORTUNITY. 

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